• The Need to Work Towards a Sustainable Indian Ocean

    The Need to Work Towards a Sustainable Indian Ocean

    The Indian Ocean is the smallest of the three major oceans in the world, but it consists of twenty-two countries in its basin, which is over a quarter of the world’s population. These countries depend on the resources of the Indian Ocean, as it ensures the country’s livelihood and provides food security. However, the over-exploitation…

  • Our Seas and Tourism

    Our Seas and Tourism

    Sri Lanka’s vast coastline, spreading for about 1100 km, claims inheritance to pristine beaches waded by the seas, enriched with a wide range of diverse marine life. Up until recently, these beaches and seas were swarmed throughout the year with large numbers of tourists from across the globe. The tourism industry as a whole has…

  • Fishing Booms

    Fishing Booms

    A loud blast in the middle of the ocean. A few seconds later, dead fish are seen floating on the surface of the sea. In a matter of minutes or seconds, the rich resources beneath the ocean are all destroyed, just so some fishermen can get the fish they need for their daily supply.  Known…