Ceylon Fishery Harbors Corporation to be Digitized

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As an important step to embrace digital solutions to modernize fishery harbor operations, a special workshop was held today 03.05.2024 at the Fishery harbor Corporation, align with the digitization program of the Honorable President.  The aim of the workshop was to introduce the application “blu biz lanka” aimed at improving harbor management processes.

Harbor managers from various parts of the island participated in this workshop along with finance and computer division officials.  Under the guidance of General Manager Mr. Janaka Mudali and Harbor Operations Manager Mr. Sumudu Dahanayake, the participants explored the functionality and capabilities of the “blu biz lanka” web application.  Their response was overwhelmingly positive, expressing their admiration for its potential to streamline and optimize harbor operations.

One of the main highlights of the workshop was the lively discussion on digitization of ocean-related activities.  Recognizing the importance of integrating digital technology into all aspects of the fishing industry, they will work to promote the use of digital platforms to benefit fishermen.  The fishery products auction platform specially designed by INORA will be opened for that purpose.  Marketing of fishery products through this platform will revolutionize the industry and provide fishermen with more income , transparent and efficient market access.

Participants who recognized the transformative potential of revitalizing the Blue  economy through innovation studied it in depth.

The momentum generated at this workshop will serve as a catalyst for continued collaboration and innovation.  The Fishery Harbor  Corporation sets a good example for other institutions to follow through digitization.  With visionary leadership and a commitment to harnessing technology for the greater good, the future of Sri Lanka’s fisheries industry will be brighter than ever.


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