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“Oceanlust” is pleased to announce an opportunity for all responsible creators out there to take part in a unique competition to design environmentally friendly bags to be distributed to the beach cleaners to carry with ease. Currently, the garbage is collected in plastic bags which ironically contributes to the plastic pollution we battle to mitigate.

Therefore, in order to further improve the effectiveness of our campaign, this competition is open to all with an artistic mindset to make use of sustainable material such as natural products and even reused plastics, and put forth a durable, innovative creation.

Ideally we would prefer the bags to be in line with Gurka or also known as tea pluckers bags that is hands-free and can be easily transported.

The best design and runner-up will be picked by a panel of judges and the winning design will be funded to get the project started and to distribute amongst all the divisional secretariats around the country.

Please send your submissions to on or before 01st June 2022.

Ayesh Indranath Ranawaka
Editor in Chief

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